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My Daily Driver private drivers ensure optimal mobility in Paris during the 2024 Olympics by adapting to traffic constraints, for a tailor-made service.

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How to get to the Olympic venues

Paris is all set to host the 2024 Olympic Games, from July 26th until August 11th as well as the 2024 Paralympics: from August 28th to September 8th. Within Paris, 15 competition venues are expected to welcome supporters and athletes from all over the world. Some of the Olympics competitions will also take place throughout the Île-de-France region (from Seine-Saint-Denis to Yvelines, Seine-et-Marne to Hauts-de-Seine), as well as other French municipalities, such as the Lille Metropolis.

To regulate the flow of visitors and ensure safety on event sites, alternative routes are put in place. While they regulate access to the sites, they also have an impact on travel and daily life around competition sites and fan zones.

Saturated public transport, traffic jams, parking restrictions... getting around Paris and to the various event venues during the 2024 Olympics is expected to be difficult. A convenient way to get around freely? Book a My Daily Driver private chauffeur.

Our drivers are experts at dealing with complex situations during major events, regardless of traffic congestion, they provide an efficient service even in exceptional traffic situations.

A commitment to follow optimized routes during the 2024 Games

With the Olympics, setting up in Paris from March to October 2024, traffic will be the most visible inconvenience. Between the set-up and takedown time frames, restricted areas, traffic permits, and regulations... these adjustments are likely to disrupt traffic, compelling us to stay well-informed in driving you to competition venues safely.

A restricted area with identity check, will be set up around Olympic sites. Traffic will be heavily regulated, and only athletes, ticketed spectators, and accredited guests will be granted access.

Near the sites, the "red” zone will indicate streets that are prohibited from motorized vehicles, unless authorized. To reduce influx in this zone, traffic will be constricted by a "blue" zone, where parking will be modified and limited.

Reserved lanes will be designated for accredited vehicles to circulate (athletes, delegations, journalists, etc.), as well as emergency, security, and PRM vehicles. These lanes may be assigned permanently or specific periods for such events.

By respecting pick-up and drop-off times and, in order to avoid traffic jams, itineraries to the various venues will need to be thoroughly planned. To make your trips around Paris during the 2024 Games easier, trust the expertise of our private drivers.

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  • Trained and informed drivers

    Thoroughly informed by the authorities, our teams are frequently updated about changes and restrictions that can affect traffic during the Games. Our drivers are notified in advance of perimeters, restricted areas, and authorized parking, allowing them to take alternative routes and minimize delays while respecting regulations.

  • Punctuality

    Available 7/7, our teams take reservations up to 48 hours before pick-up. To avoid delays, they can optimize your itinerary and monitor traffic conditions in real time, further anticipating your driver’s arrival at the meeting point.

  • Customized service

    Our drivers can guarantee all your transportation needs during the 2024 Olympic Games by adapting pick-up and drop-off points according to access restrictions around Olympic venues. Transfers to or from your hotel, a train station or airport, a competition site, or simply your home, all routes and vehicles can be accommodated to your preferences, for a completely customizable service.

  • Anticipate booking

    To ensure the availability of our chauffeur services, avoid delays, and allow better-customized service, plan ahead. By anticipating bookings, you avoid the stress of late reservations for a car with its risk of not securing a ride due to last-minute increased rates.

Competition venues in Paris

To host some of the sporting events, prestigious Parisian venues will be repurposed. Amongst them, the Invalides (archery), the Roland Garros stadium (tennis), and the Pont Alexandre III (finish of the cycling time trial).

  • Le Grand Palais
  • La Condorde
  • Stade Tour Eiffel
  • Aréna Champ de Mars
  • Trocadéro
  • Pont Alexandre III
  • Stade Roland Garros
  • Aréna Porte de la Chapelle
  • Invalides
  • Hôtel de Ville
  • Parc des Princes
  • Aréna Bercy / Paris Sud

Competition venues all around Ile-de-France

Various cities from Ile-De France Region will be highlighted; whether it’s the equestrian trials taking place in Chateau de Versailles, Rugby games at St-Denis’ Stadium, or Golf Tournament in St Quentin-en-Yvelines.

  • Versailles
  • Saint-Quentin
  • Colombes
  • Vaires sur Marne
  • Guyancourt
  • Saint-Denis
  • Villepinte
  • Elancourt
  • Nanterre
  • Le Bourget

Lille - Pierre Mauroy stadium

While much of the eliminatory process will take place in the Ile-de-France region, other cities, including Lille, will host some of the basketball and handball events at the Pierre Mauroy stadium. Located less than 2h30 away from the capital, our private drivers can accommodate a ride to or from Lille to attend the competition.